Mind Bubbles: Exploring Mindfulness With Kids Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2

Mind Bubbles: Exploring mindfulness with kids

by Heather Krantz

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Children today are engaged in a fast paced media driven competitive society that can lead to increased stress and stress-related problems such as anxiety and depression. Mindfulness is a way to deal with this stress and can help children calm themselves and focus their attention. Children are wholly capable of embracing these concepts when presented in a straightforward engaging fashion that speaks directly to them.
Mind Bubbles presents an easy way for young children to engage with their breath while noting thoughts and feelings passing and popping like bubbles. The book is a clear, concise, and secular explanation of mindfulness that children ages 4-8 will understand and want to try for themselves. It may be read by or to young children and includes a guided mindful breathing script for teachers and parents to read so everyone can practice their new skills.






















Mind Bubbles: Exploring mindfulness with kids Heather Krantz















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